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The bad news is: this is not ANY of the 1001 things I was supposed to be doing.

The good news is: I actually wrote SPN fic I don't hate--for the first time since May. So what if it's a Dean/Cas PWP? Or that it's fever!sex, a trope (okay, kink) that I enjoy, but always feel a little queasy about? Right?

Title: Banked Fires
Rating: Hard R (maybe nc-17)
Genre: h/c and porn in about equal measures--tho' the porn might have won out in the end.
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: ~1,500
Warnings: fever!sex

a/n: written for this prompt at [ profile] mad_server's wondrous Again, but with colds comment fic meme.

Summary: “Shut up, Cas. Just—" Something about Dean’s wrecked voice drove the words into Castiel’s flesh like burrs, leaving tiny pricks of desire across his throat, his groin. And so when Dean tugged him over to straddle his hips, pulled weakly at his trousers, Castiel followed his lead...

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Here's my [ profile] spn_summergen fic, folks. I'm not going to editorialize, because I would go on FOREVER.
(it's up on DW and AO3 as well, if you'd like to read/comment without FB interference)

I am completely behind on reading all the great fic from this year--I'll be trying to catch up! But I did LOVE the story that [personal profile] desertport wrote for me: it's about Ellen--giving birth! And she's just as tough and tender about it as you would expect. Namesake.

Title: ‘In Our Embers’
Recipient: Yanyann
Rating: pg-13 (for language)
Warnings/spoilers: Set b/w 5.16 and 5.17.
Word count: 7,822.

a/n: much love and gratitude to [ profile] calamitycrow, for the sharp eye, the hand-holding, and the much needed injections of reality.
a/n: title, epigraph and quoted text from William Wordsworth, “Ode: Intimations of Immortality."

Summary: "Easy now." Sam gathered the warm little body into his own. He patted awkwardly at his brother's hair, his shoulders, Dean's sobs the only sound in the eerily silent room. "It's okay, Dean, it's okay," he said. And he couldn't help saying it like he wanted the words to carry all the way back to 2010.

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I can't believe I'm adding to the coda glut. I've read so many great ones, and I wasn't going to do anything, but then this happened. At least it's short….Am posting it before I second guess. .I really am going to write meta too, I promise!

Title: Every Man is Calvary
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: FOR 5.22
Word Count: ~500
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit
Summary: Just for a minute, sixty seconds max, he was happy.

a/n: title from this song by Levon Helm.

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Title: Take Me to the River
Rating: pg
Genre: gen, h/c
Word count: ~1,800
Warnings: General S5, no plot spoilers for any episodes.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit

a/n: More slightly strange Castiel gen, this time with Cas and Dean only. Written for the wonderful hurt!Dean meme at [ profile] hoodie_time (prompt at the end).
a/n: Title from the Al Green/Talking Heads song.

Summary: Sometimes help with ordinary things means the most.

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Title: Raveled Sleeves
Rating: pg, gen.
Word count: ~1,250
Warnings: spoilers through 5.14
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit

a/n: I wrote this last weekend for [ profile] maychorian’s awesome Castastic comment fic meme. You can find the buckets of amazing fic written for it here. The prompt was: I have a thing about platonic sleep-cuddling. Indulge me. Dean, Sam, Castiel, whichever combination you choose. I have cleaned it up a bunch, because writing fast? is not my strong suit. But it’s still un-beta’d, and I’m not thrilled with it. Still, here it is anyway: a kind of paean to bed-sharing.

Summary: Castiel wasn’t sure why it surprised him to see, on occasion, Sam and Dean curled around each other in sleep.

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I finally managed to watch 5.15 last night, and I have renewed respect for everyone who’s been posting thoughtful, insightful analyses of the episode. The deepest thought I had while watching it was: shit, Jensen Ackles looks pretty in that blue cotton jacket.
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Title: Sleepers Awake: an epilogue for the end of days.
Rating: gen, pg-13.
Word count: ~6K
Spoilers: for ALL aired episodes of Merlin and Supernatural. And Arthurian legend.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.
Summary: When Arthur left the cave, alive again after so many centuries, the first thing he saw was an angel..

a/n: a sequel to or time-stamp for Two Boys from Kansas in King Uther’s Court. I don’t think it’s necessary to have read that one to understand this one: just know that the S1 Winchester spent some time in Camelot with the S1 boys from Merlin, and encountered some demons while they were there. There are no plot spoilers for TBfK in this fic.
a/n: I had a lot of help with this one. Much love and gratitude for the generous and astute readings the fic received from [ profile] callistosh65, [ profile] calamitycrow and [ profile] debbiel66--it is infinitely better for them! All remaining mistakes my own.

a/n: for [ profile] anniehow, for winning a guessing game, and for giving me the much needed encouragement to finally finish this.

Legend tells us that Arthur did not die after the last battle. Instead, he cast his sword into the lake, and gave his body into the care of its Lady, who graced him with a profound sleep. Legend differs as to the location of his resting place: some say he slumbers still in Avalon; some that he sleeps under a hill in Wales. But wherever it is, there he lies: the once and future king.

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“I’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll drink when I’m dry
If moonshine don’t kill me, I’ll live ‘til I die”

(Moonshiner, trad., Alison Moorer's version)

I liked the episode, though possibly not as much as the two other Edlund eps this season (5.04 and 5.10), but I don’t have much to say about it that hasn’t already been said better by [ profile] oselle (here), [personal profile] yourlibrarian (here) and [ profile] smilla02 (here).

Just two things, then.

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Title: ‘So let it out and let it in’
Genre: gen, h/c (PG-13 for language)
Word Count: ~1,450
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit
Warnings: not exactly a coda for 5.13, but minor spoilers for the episode.
Summary: Sam wakes up to Dean singing.

a/n: For a prompt at [ profile] spn_hurtcomfort, here—though the fic takes it in a slightly different direction.
a/n: Set at some unspecified time. To me, it has more of a S1-2 feel to it than S5, but I’ll let you all be the judge of that.
a/n: omg, the fluff, y’all *facepalm*. I actually thought that 5.13 was an emotionally complicated episode, but this? Not so much. I think the combination of the little bit of info the fic is based on and the youtube clip of Jensen singing at the 100th episode party kind of did me in. Also possibly a reaction to that dollop of angst I wrote last week.

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…th’ archangel soon grew nigh,
Not in his shape celestial but as a man
Clad to meet man….
(Paradise Lost, 6.44, 11.238-40)

Okay, I know you’ve all probably all moved past this episode by now, but I was away all weekend, and didn’t get to join in the fun. But I liked the episode enough to actually buy it from itunes and watch it again, which I haven’t done for ages, so I’m going to rattle on a bit…

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Title: ‘The Latest Dream I Ever Dreamt’
Rating: R, het
Pairings: Dean/Erika, Dean/Tessa
Word count: ~3K
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.
Summary: Sam was wrong. It wasn’t a good dream.

a/n: title and epigraph from John Keats, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.”
a/n: from a leftover prompt from the [ profile] hoodie_time fic challenge: Something causes season 5 Dean to have nightmares about hell again. While he handles it better than before, he tries to hide it from Sam. Sam finds out and is comforting (and gives him much needed hugs). I doubt this is what the prompter had in mind, especially re: the ratio of hurt to hugs. So, apologies in advance…
a/n: I’ve compressed the sequence of days a bit…

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Shore clash with shore, sea against sea and sword
Against sword—this is my curse—war between all
Our peoples, all their children, endless war.

Dido, Queen of Carthage, curing Aeneas, Aeneid Bk. 4

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Title: "Where Ask is Have, Where Seek is Find"
Rating: Gen, PG
Genre: episode tag, h/c
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Word Count: ~1K
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers through 5.08.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit

Summary: Written for a prompt from [ profile] hils for the [ profile] spn_hurtcomfort tag-meme: Dean takes care of Cas after they leave the warehouse . Cleaned up a bit for re-posting.

a/n: with apologies to John Milton and Bobby Singer for borrowing a couple of their best lines.
a/n: title from "A Song to David" by Christopher Smart.

Where Ask is Have, Where Seek is Find

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Which I watched it in real time for the second week in a row—woohoo!

And which fell into a category of episodes I am apparently a big sucker for. Let’s just call them Read more... )
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Winchesters Squared

One of the not-bad things about being cooped up in the house for four days with a sick kid (now recovered), is that I read some longer stories than I’ve been able to for a while, as well as some stuff from genres I don’t usually read.

All of these have more than one set of Winchesters, though they’re very different otherwise. Two out of three I cadged from other people’s recs, so you may very well have already read them too. If not—enjoy!

(recs behind the cut, some S5 spoilers)
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One more comment fic from the [ profile] sickdean comment!fic meme. Sorry for the spamming! Apparently I had a lot of separated!boys stuff bottled up....This is the third fic I've written set between 5.02 and 5.04....

Sorry for the spamming--no need to read! Imma stop with the h/c now and go back to "Two Boys..."

Title: "'Yet Still Steadfast'"
Genre: h/c, gen
Rating: PG
Characters: Bobby, Sam, Dean
Word Count: ~1,400
Spoilers: Set between 5.03 and 5.04
a/n: From the prompt: Dean is hurt/ill after a hunt, and Bobby calls Sam.
a/n: Not exactly a happy reunion fic...
a/n: Title from Keats's sonnet, "Bright Star."

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