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So, this meme was doing the rounds weeks ago, and [ profile] linaerys gave me this great set of questions. Finally, almost a month later, I have answers, though I think they reveal me to be the pretentious and overly serious person I am in my non-fannish life. I usually try to shield y'all from this aspect of me, sorry! Feel free to defriend me now that it's been revealed.

Or, hit me up for questions! I am home this week, and I would love to find out more about you guys:

Comment with "Come at me, sweet thang [or your favorite endearment]," and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Also, if anyone wants to ask me questions, feel free.

Questions from [ profile] linaerys
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Weirdly enough, it is almost spring here, which means I finally got around to having my legs properly waxed.

I always do this at the Aveda school in the next town over. The downside is: students do it, and it's slow. The upside is: it's cheap, and the Aveda products are lovely.

Since, as I mentioned, even a half-leg wax takes a long time at this place, I always end up making conversation with the girls (they really are that young) while they're doing it.

"So," I ask, since, as you know, I've developed something of an interest in this question, "do you have a lot of guys coming in for waxing stuff?"

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Jan. 7th, 2011 01:52 pm
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Okay, I thought this was going to be a crappy day, since I had to start it out by going to Traffic Court to deal with the ticket I got for still having a CO license. But that didn't take too long, or go too badly, and when I got back, the picture below had shown up on lj: Benedict Cumberbatch on set for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (the 70s suit must be for the role, the down jacket and banana BC's own). I think you all know by now how excited I am for this movie, which appears to be slated for 9/16/11. Plenty of time for me to reread the book again. (Yes, I even like the hair).

And THEN, [ profile] azziria posted this absolutely knock-out Steve/Danny NC-17 ficlet, apparently inspired by something I said yesterday. Go read it--but maybe wait til later if you have important stuff you have to get done this afternoon. It is distracting--in the best possible way!

So, in honor of having sent my last fic commitment with a deadline off to beta, I'm thinking I'll sign up for the current round of the Five Acts meme later tonight.

Happy Friday, folks!
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Well, after ~6 mos. of research, negotiation and questing (some of it recorded in this journal), we finally have a new family pet: meet Gerry, the baby cockatiel. I have to say that's it's way more fun to have a bird than I expected! He's pretty and friendly--happy to sit on one's hand or knee or shoulder (or head)--and yet happy to go into his cage with a sheet over it all night. (nb: the boys named him after Steven Gerrard, captain of the English football team. Why? I have no idea, but it suits him).

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I'm off to England this afternoon, back July 12. I won't be entirely off-line, just seeing old friends, and, you know, trying to justify the trip as work-related. So drop me a line if you need me--otherwise, have a great week!
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But you know they gave it everything they had. And I can't be sorry an African nation is through to the quarterfinals.

I'm sad though =(

(which doesn't mean I won't be watching England v. Germany with my little British-identified children tomorrow morning....)


Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:01 pm
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So much love for Team USA right now....

y'all will forgive the uncharacteristic fit of nationalist pride, right? *iz sheepish*
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Yup. Someone broke into our house yesterday afternoon--brick through the window n' all--and took two laptops (one very old, one work issue) and an ipod. Nothing else. So right at the moment I only have internet access here in the office, though I think I'll get a loaner work laptop soonish. In the meantime, though, I apologize for missing stuff, and it may take me a while to catch up.
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So, apparently these two lemur brothers, Berisades and Ivy, vaulted the electric fence at the Duke Lemur Center Natural Habitat Enclosure #4. They wandered around town for 36 hours (not making it as far as our house, sadly) before they were lured back into captivity by the offer of tropical fruit salad at a local school

"Both boys are of the age when they would normally leave their family group and go out to set up new territories of their own," Yoder said. "That may have been their motivation for hitting the road, so to speak."
said Duke Lemur Center Director Anne Yoder

SPN lemur AU anyone?

(that's not a picture of the wandering brothers, btw--those guys have not been captured on film)
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I know that it is the kind of thing you either love or loathe, and that it makes me an irredeemable geek that I love it so much, but I was inordinately cheered up by seeing the local Savoyard production of The Mikado last night. For approximately three hours, it made me forget how pissed I was that my eight-year-old had spilled water on my laptop and shorted out the keypad, and how guilty I felt when my four-year-old wailed inconsolably when I left him with a sitter. Because, no matter how much the mire of domesticity has felt like quicksand lately, you can always get a USB mouse, and, if you are four, be instantly consoled by a battle between the forces of Lego and Playmobil. And it was the genius of Gilbert and Sullivan to write an operetta that actually works better when it is performed with a fair amount of amateurishness and campiness—as long as the love and gusto is still there.

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I finally sent off the work project that has been dogging me for, well, for months. And it sucks, it's nowhere near the quality I would like it to be, nowhere near what I would like to think of as my usual level of quality, but today was the absolute last deadline, and so, hey, at least it's out of my life for the time being now.

Leaving me free to spam you all with some stuff.

Thing One
I read somewhere that the SPN writers were drawing on Milton's representation of Satan in Paradise Lost for their Lucifer, and so when I read these lines I thought, "Oh. Yeah."

Satan first comes to Eve in a dream, and Eve tells Adam about it the morning:

Close at mine ear one called me forth to walk
With gentle voice. I thought it thine....

(Book 5, ll.35-6)

Thing Two
A movie rec.
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So, of all things, I have a professional opportunity to go to Vancouver in August '10...
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1. An army travels on its stomach.

2. I have been spending too much time hanging out with/ reading about/ watching boys. We went to the International Spy Museum in DC, and I was mesmerized by the WWII and Cold War undercover weaponry, like this lipstick gun:

Not to mention the flashlight gun, the umbrella gun, and a snazzy OSS issue gadget, about 4" long, that was a combined knife, cosh and garotte.


(speaking of spies, has anyone ever written a SPN or J2 AU fic about 1950s Berlin? 'Cause that would be cool: espionage, counterespionage and seduction...)


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