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I wrote my assignment plus a pinch hit for [community profile] purimgifts this year--that's six (short) fics--so I'm going to put them in two different posts.

My assigned recipient was [personal profile] darkrosaleen--possibly the first time I've ever gotten a flistie as part of an exchange. I particularly wanted to write something good for her, because she's awesome, and because she'd written me the most amazing Ronan/Gansey bloodplay fic a few years ago for Yuletide. Luckily for me, she had a really fascinating prompt about a Jewish Kavinsky--so the ficlets turned out to be, if not easy, then at least really interesting to write.

In The Dream Thieves, Kavinsky, as the villain, is coded as, if not Jewish, then certainly not Anglo-Celtic-Christian the way the heroes are. His family is supposed to have come from Bulgaria, and they are neither poor, like some of Stiefvater's characters, nor rich, like others: instead, they are the kind of cartoon nouveau riche who live in McMansions in New Jersey, have mob money and wear sunglasses with white plastic frames. The Dream Thieves gets a disturbing amount of mileage from cultural markers like that. Lines like this one, describing Blue's distaste for Kavinsky, have always bothered me: "There was something erratic and vulgar about the full line of his lips, like he'd swallow her if he got close enough. She hated the smell of him." All the good guys in the novel have thin lips.

Anyway, I didn't want to rehabilitate Kavinsky as a misunderstood hero, or take the book to task for its fear of the ethnic, but I did want to give that immigrant, non-WASPy, background a bit more texture. And I really wanted to see what another magic system would look like mapped over/against the books' Celtic one. Jewish magic, at least of the Ashkenazi sort, is all about Hebrew letters and mystical names. It took a while to figure out how to integrate that with the dream forest magic that's canon in the books, but I liked the solution I came up with.

three Jewish!Kavinsky fics )
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The overflow of my Yuletide writing roll, I guess.

I didn't sign up for [community profile] fandom_stocking, but I signed up for the call for volunteers to help fill them. I only managed to write one ficlet, though:

On Folly Bridge (1555 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, X-Men (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Charles Xavier, Thomas Nightingale, Isis
Additional Tags: Crossover

Oxford 1962: Late one night, Charles sees something new.

And this I really wanted to write as a Yuletide treat, but I ran out of time:

Open hand or closed fist (would be fine). (1060 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Honourable Woman
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Atika Halabi/Nessa Stein
Additional Tags: Captivity

For a moment, Atika gives Nessa her body back.

That's probably it for the season. I have an urge to write some shameless, old-fashioned h/c, though, so if you want to enable me give me an excuse, suggests some characters/tropes in comments!
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On the way back from our weekend trip to NYC, I got tagged for the [ profile] come_at_once twenty-four hour porn challenge, with the prompt, "don't you touch that." It was a little touch-and-go to meet the time limit, but I posted this this morning:

Five Times Holmes told Watson not to Touch (and one time he begged him to) (1283 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Downey films)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Sex Pollen, Established Relationship

What it says on the tin.

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Huh. AO3 tells me I've posted five fics so far this month. This can only mean one thing: I have been avoiding work!

Anyway, for the record, for [ profile] purimgifts this year, I wrote two Sleepy Hollow fics (my first in the fandom) and one Sherlock fic. The rules of the exchange are that the stories need to be under 1,000 words, and, in honor of the holiday, must concern either 1)a Jewish character, 2) a female character, or 3) characters defeating an Evil Vizier. I like it best when I get matched so that I can write about Jewish characters, but I enjoy writing about ladies, too, as I did this year.

Household Pests (945 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mary Morstan, John Watson
Additional Tags: Collection: Purimgifts Day 1

On Tuesday, there were three.

No Wilderness with You (970 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ichabod Crane & Abbie Mills
Additional Tags: Collection: Purimgifts Day 2, Grooming, Hair Brushing

Ichabod gets ectoplasm in his hair. Abbie helps him get it out.

Passages (343 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Abbie Mills & Jenny Mills
Additional Tags: Collection: Purimgifts Day 3, Character Study

Sometimes Jenny dreams she’s on a ship.

This year, I received a fascinating XMFC story, In Which Meir Kahane Gave Magneto a Bloody Nose (with parts 2 and 3). Two of my favorite things about XMFC are its exploration of Erik's uneasy relationship to his Jewish identity/heritage, and the way it maps mutant politics onto other issues of the twentieth century: this story does both!

nb: my other two March fics are a Rivers of London story and another Sherlock story, this one Sherlock/Mary.

I am off for work travel tomorrow, and won't really be back until 3/30. See y'all next month!
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No books and TV post today because I was a) finishing this b) picking my son up 3 hours early from school due to a snow non-events and 3) I've totally failed to watch either Hannibal 2x01 or True Detective 1x07.

Title: In the Depths
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/Mary
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: fuck-or-die, dub-con, gunplay, sex while drugged.
Word count: 1633
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit

nb: written for the [ profile] come_at_once challenge, which is one of those tag team challenges where you write porn in 24 hours based on a prompt. My prompt was "rough."
nb: if the mods allow, I'll use this for the "fuck-or-die" square on my [community profile] trope_bingo card, too.

In the Depths
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I shouldn't be writing fic. And even if I were writing fic, I shouldn't be writing this.

A late entry for the porn battle. And, since it's het knifeplay in a tiny fandom,and not even the main pairing at that, probably of interest only to me.

Title: My tongue upon your scars
Fandom: Homeland
Pairing: Carrie/Quinn
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: bloodplay, knifeplay, painplay, people not being nice to each other.
Word count: 1,253
Disclaimer: not mine, no profif

a/n: for the prompts "knife" and "rough."
a/n: title from the Springsteen song, "Worlds Apart."

My tongue upon your scars (link goes to AO3)
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And this managing to post one lone bingo fill as my fic output for the entire month of September. At least it's the double-penetration square for kink_bongo, which I've been dreading concerned about. Maybe someday in the future I will write a kink bingo fill that is sexy, as opposed to just kind of weird. This is not that day.

Title: Skin I've Been Through Dies Behind Me
Fandom: Copper
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Eva/Corky/Maguire
Warnings/spoilers: spoilers through 1x04
Word Count: ~1.5K
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit

a/n: title from Townes Van Zandt's "Snake Song," but I was really thinking of the Emmy Lou Harris cover of the song in Lawless.
a/n: for the "double penetration" square on my kink_bingo card

Summary: Eva invites Corky and Maguire into her bed.

read the fic on A03
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Title: The Things They Wore
Fandom: Generation Kill
Rating: hard R or NC-17
Pairing: Brad/Ray
Word count: ~1.5K
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, no reference to real people intended.
a/n: For the "uniforms/military kink" on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. This is a slightly odd take on the prompt--there's some context for what inspired me here, if you're curious.
a/n: The fic has a mix of details from the book and the HBO series.
a/n: Titled with apologies to Tim O'Brien, whose writing I love.
a/n: Many thanks to [personal profile] thirdbird for a speedy and super helpful beta!
a/n: Thanks also to pun for hosting a rewatch this summer, which got me to finally see the show.

Summary: "The odor of this many Recon Marines--it's a powerful thing."

The Things They Wore (on AO3)
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I've finally finished this--at least two months after I promised I would. H/C and kink, but sadly not eligible for any of my bingo cards. Please note that this is a foursome, with pretty much all the possible pairings that implies.

Title: Four Sides Don't Make a Square.
Fandom: Grimm
Pairings: Nick/Monroe/Juliette/Rosalee
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~5.7K
Warnings: sex while under the involuntary influence of illicit substances (dubcon the way sexpollen is dubcon).
Spoilers: none.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.

a/n: written for this prompt at Running Hot II. The first part was posted over there a few months ago *facepalm*.

Summary: "What’re we supposed to do: go knock on the door, and say, sorry you’re not feeling well, dude, but we’re your friends and we’re here to fuck you?”

Four Sides Don't Make a Square )
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Here's the other remix. You've probably seen it already if you follow AO3, but I've decided to archive them here too. This is the pinch hit, and I was in such a state when I wrote it I can barely remember doing it. Any hotness that remains derives entirely from the original fic.

Title: Red Line Overload (the Lytton Strachey remix)
Fandom: H50
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: a hard R
Word count: ~1,400
Warnings/Spoilers: n/a
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit

a/n: this is a remix of [ profile] templemarker's excellent fic, Red Line Overload.
a/n: parenthetical title taken from the man in Steve's anecdote.

All those years in Jersey, Danny was a good cop because he knew when to walk towards danger and when to walk away.

Then he moved to Hawaii and that knowledge went to shit.

Red Line Overload (the Lytton Strachey remix) )
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And, for the first time, I porn battled. If you read the fic, it might help to know that Stephen is played by this guy and Weir is played by Robb Stark.

Title: War Endless War
Fandom: Birdsong (the 2012 BBC miniseries only, b/c I remember bugger all about the book)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Stephen Wraysford/Michael Weir
Warning: very slight dubcon.
Word Count: ~700 wds.
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit.
a/n: for the prompts: first time, virgin, trauma, loss, comfort

Summary: "What did you mean, it's not for you?" Stephen asks. He can hear the edge in his voice, sharper than the knife in his pocket.

read it on the porn battle post

read it on AO3
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Oh look, February seems to have brought the porn winds with it.

Title: Open Like a Bank Vault Door
Fandom: MI4
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ethan/Brandt
Warning: gun!kink. RACK: consensual gunplay between adults
Word Count: ~1.7K
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit

a/n: for this prompt on [ profile] ghotocol_kink and originally posted anonymously there.

Summary: When Ethan unbuckled the last strap of his thigh holster and gave in to the impulse, you couldn’t exactly say it was out of the blue.

Open Like a Bank Vault Door )
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I wrote Homeland fic this year for Yuletide, which I enjoyed immensely, both because I loved the show and was glad to think more about it, and because it gave me a chance to write some of my not-at-all-secret vices: het and religion.

The experience was made even better by the generous beta help I got from [ profile] destina and [ profile] twoskeletons. Their names were redacted in the initial posting--but you can see them now!

Title: A wind that passeth away and cometh not again
Fandom: Homeland
Recipient: [ profile] marycontraire
Rating: Explicit/ NC-17
Warnings: um, impact play? I guess that's what you'd call it? Slightly violent sex. And y'all know how much I like to write slightly dissociative mental states, yeah?
Spoilers: through the few minutes of the finale.
Pairing: Carrie/Brody
Word count: ~2.8K
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit.

a/n: many thanks to [ profile] destina [profile] twoskeletons for the generous and expert betas.

Y'all--I am starting the year with three WIPs. Not good. Not good at all.
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Believe it or not, I have a bunch of fluffy, even romantic fic for various fandoms in my head. But apparently before I could get to them I had to write a little hate sex. And work out some of my feelings about the fastidiousness with which Downton Abbey has been treating WWI and 1917 in general.

Title: Respite
Rating: NC-17
Fandoms: Downton Abbey, Regeneration Trilogy
Pairing: Thomas Barrow/Billy Prior
Spoilers: for Downton Abbey S2, set before Regeneration, but with canonical characterization.
Warnings: painplay (RACK)
Word Count: ~2.8K
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction. These characters are not mine and no profit is being made from this work.

a/n: for [ profile] taurenova's request at the Fall Fandom Free-For-All. I think it might be a little bleaker than what you had in mind, bb--and I apologize in advance.

Summary: Thomas Barrow saw Billy Prior twice. Once in a casualty clearing station in France. Once on an English train heading north.

Respite )
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Not exactly what I meant to do today, but, look, SPN fic, for the first time since February. All thanks to the awesome feverish!Dean meme going on over at [ profile] hoodie_time. Of course, it turned out to be kinky het porn, but there you go.

Title: Remember When Your Were My Girl?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Meg
Spoilers: nothing past S5
Warnings: dub-con/non-con, gender play, pegging, crude language, fever!sex
Word count: ~1.2K
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.

a/n: for this prompt from [ profile] vie_dangerouse: Dean has a high fever. Meg finds that it really, really turns her on. The heat reminds her of home, and things that she and Dean used to get up to down there.
a/n: also for the "gender play" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.

Summary: “Why’d you leave us?" asks Meg. "Why’d you come out here where it’s cold?”

remember when you were my girl? )
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Title: Stars Hide Your Fires
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/fandom: Charles/Erik, XMFC
Word count: ~2.8K
Warnings: sexual arousal from punishment (RACK). Minor rimming and bloodplay.
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit.
a/n: for the “caning” square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card
a/n: title from Macbeth by way of Mumford and Sons.
a/n: many thanks to [personal profile] linaerys for the beta!

Summary: Suddenly, Charles seemed to notice what Erik was holding. He came nearer, put his left hand between Erik’s on the birch rod. Time to let go, Erik told himself. But he didn’t. And so they stayed like that, both holding it, so close Erik could feel the iron eddying in Charles’s blood. The thing that was always between them snapped and quivered like a banner in a gale.
Read more... )
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Title: Thy firmness makes my circle just.
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Spoilers: None. Takes place sometime before the events of the end of S2.
Warnings: involuntary arousal of the sex-pollen variety; captivity; semi-public sex; fever!sex.
Word Count: ~4K
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, no offense meant.

a/n: This is for a prompt from [ profile] rabidchild67 at Running Hot: Would love Neal or Peter infected with some sort of plot-cakey sex pollen, and he spikes a dangerous fever that can only be relieved by, um, you know... . I don’t know if this scenario counts as the sex-pollen trope, but there’s involuntary arousal, fever and, um, relief. So. If something can be shameless h/c and shameless porn at the same time, this is probably it.
a/n: I think there are consent issues here of the “giving consent while not in possession of one’s full faculties” variety—so please don’t read it that’s a trigger or something that bugs you.
a/n: title from John Donne’s “Valediction Forbidding Mourning.”

Summary: If he’d seen Peter look this vulnerable more than once before, he couldn’t remember it. It was worrying, and it tilted the natural order of the universe on its axis. But more than that, it brought emotions to the surface that Neal usually liked to keep buried deep, a fierce tenderness the most respectable among them.

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Okay, it's Camelot day here at the island of conclusions, brought to you by the enabling mojo of the Five Acts meme. Yes, this fic (straight-up PWP) does replicate something from the show, but only because it's the kind of image I just couldn't get out of my head.

Title: Am I not your Queen?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Merlin/Igraine.
Word count: ~1.2K
Warnings: mild bondage/power play
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit

a/n: written for [ profile] zelda_zee for the 5 Acts Meme: round four.

Summary: “Do not think of power, then.” She led him to the wide bed, laid him down on its velvet and brocade coverings. “Think only of those things that lie between a man and a woman.”

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Title: A Very Delicate Mission (the Unreal City remix)
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sherlock/OMC, Sherlock/John
Word Count: ~5.6K
Spoilers: set post S1, but no spoilers for the episodes.
Warnings: violence/gore, drug use, (consensual) painplay, anonymous sex, dissociative thinking/behavior.

a/n: This is a remix of [personal profile] saraht's wonderful fic, A Very Delicate Mission. It was written for remix_redux 2011, and originally posted anonymously on AO3, here
a/n: Many thanks to [ profile] innie_darling, [ profile] embroiderama and [ profile] chiiyo86 for the expert beta'ing, hand-holding and help with the French. All remaining mistakes and infelicities my own.
a/n: Sherlock misquotes.

Summary: Sometimes, Dr. Freud, a pipe is just a pipe, Sherlock told himself bitterly. And sometimes an old friend’s face is just a trick of the light.

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Title: In Any Tongue
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Marcus/Esca
Word Count: ~2.5K
Warnings: public sex, forced coupling.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, no offense.

a/n: Movie ‘verse. So much movie ‘verse. I feel like I owe book!Esca, book!Marcus and book!Liathan letters of apology. I’m sorry, guys—I love you!
a/n: Written for this prompt at [ profile] the_eagle_kink, and first posted anonymously over there--but it turned out more fuck-or-die than dub-con. I’ve revised considerably for re-posting.
a/n: No—I can’t believe I wrote fuck-or-die!fic either….I’d blame certain flisties in other fandoms for showing me how interesting this trope was, but really, it’s all my fault.

Summary: Rome seemed very far away.

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