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Serendipitously, several wonderful stories have just appeared based on prompts from the 2013 Running Hot fever fic meme.

The Sleepover (1624 words) by thirdbird
Chapters: 1/2
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Martin Crieff & Douglas Richardson
Characters: Martin Crieff, Douglas Richardson, Arthur Shappey, Helena Richardson
Additional Tags: Humor, Sickfic, Fever, Friendship, gen - Freeform

For ariadnes_string's prompt in her Running Hot 3 fever fic meme(oh god TWO years ago?? can it be?): "Douglas is ill. What is Douglas like when he's ill? I can't imagine--but I'm sure you can, dear writer! He's feverish, coughing, sniffling, & etc. And the worst part is, he can't go home to Helena (this takes place in the era of Helena) because there's only one thing Helena loathes more than people who aren't pilots, and that's sick people. So he decides to spend the night in Gertie. Not the best plan, I'll grant you, but he's sick, isn't he? And [person/persons] discover he's there. Comfort (and/or hurt) follows."

off the clock (2292 words) by topaz, t_fic, topaz119
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Unusuals
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Allison Beaumont/Jason Walsh, Casey Shraeger & Jason Walsh, Davis Nixon/Casey Shraeger
Characters: Allison Beaumont, Casey Shraeger, Jason Walsh
Additional Tags: Partnership, Male-Female Friendship, Female Friendship

"Oh, my God." Casey came to a dead halt two steps into the diner. "Seriously?"


Fire and Ice, by [ profile] astrofig for this prompt: Tony is seriously, painfully sick and Loki doesn't have a second thought about shifting into his jotun form to use touch and body contact to cool him down.

I’ve never shut down the meme, and people have added a few more prompts recently. Please feel free to fill anything that’s on there.

Sadly, I’m way too busy this summer to launch another round of Running Hot, but if anybody wants to take responsibility for setting it up, please do so! There’re collections already set up on AO3.

The weather has been feverish around here for the past two weeks (ie., over 98.6), but in better news I finally saw Mad Max: Fury Road over the weekend!

Happy summer, folks!
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You'd think I wouldn't have another sick!Steve fic left in me (I can't even bear to count up how many I've written). But apparently you'd be wrong.

In any case, though, I've finally written something for Running Hot III. The funny thing is, I signed up for the [ profile] hawaii_50_hc "alphabet challenge" and I got "R" for "relax." I couldn't for the life of me think of something to go with that prompt. But this fic would fit it perfectly #toolittletoolate

Title: Track Record
Fandom: H50
Rating: G, gen
Warnings/Spoilers: n/a. Only really canon compliant for S1, though--I haven't even watched most of S3 (though I plan to).
Word count: 2,226
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit
a/n: for this prompt

Summary: "You," said Danny, "are the most uptight sick person I've ever met."

In other news, RUNNING HOT III is still very much open, with all kinds of fabulous prompts in many, many fandoms. Please come check them out!
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Watson banner

Because there are five beautiful pages of luscious prompts in many, many fandoms (including Sherlock, Elementary, Avengers, Star Trek, Hockey RPF, Person of Interest, Merlin, Skyfall, White Collar, H50, Lewis, Ripper Street and many more!)

here on lj
here on dw.

So far, we have three fills--in White Collar, Sherlock, and H50, but I'm hoping for more!

masterlist on lj
masterlist on dw

Come Play!
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This is the masterlist of fics written for Running Hot III (2013):

The Avengers

The Burning House Paradox by fairy_laughing. Banner, Richards, and Stark are playing with a time-machine when it backfires and mini-Tony walks on through. This wouldn't be nearly as big of a problem as it is except that the time-space paradox of too much Tony Stark is causing them both to become horribly ill.

Fantastic Four/X-Men

I Hold With Those Who Favor Fire by [ profile] katekintail : Johnny Storm(Human Torch) /Bobby (Iceman)--When Johnny gets sick/delerious he can't control his flame - how far does Bobby have to go to keep him from incinerating himself into oblivion?


In the Thicket of It by [personal profile] thegrrrl2002: After being missing for a few days, Danny finds Steve 'somewhere' with an infected bullet/stab/shrapnel wound. Cue bad guys closing in and Danny being all BAMF getting Steve out while taking care of him.

Track Record by [personal profile] ariadnes_string. Gen. "You," said Danny, "are the most uptight sick person I've ever met."


The Last Man Standing Just Got Felled by a Lion by [ profile] thesmallhobbit. There's a nasty flu going around Oxford CID and Hathaway's been putting in long hours manning the fort. How long 'til he succumbs himself?

Unsound Mind by [ profile] wendymr. and Part 2. Robbie has flu, and he isn't the easiest of patients, as James discovers.

Ripper Street

A United Front, by [ profile] alizarin_nyc: Reid is ill--woozy, voice-less, unable to make good decisions. For whatever reason, this needs to be hidden from the bad guys/power that be, and it's up to Drake and Jackson to make this happen. What's worse, they actually have to work together!


Doctors Make the Worst Patients, by [ profile] themallhobbit: Doctors make the worst patients.

White Collar

Predisposed by [ profile] marieincolour, (gen): Neal gets sick with a high fever and goes walking outside of his radius. The US Marshals come to get him but don't realize he's sick until Peter (or another character) comes to collect him.

Untitled (WC S1) by [personal profile] embroiderama: Out of his mind with fever, Neal thinks Peter is going to send him back in prison because he is useless.
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Colds, flu, infections, insect-borne pathogens. Poisons, curses, spells.

Chills, sweats, delirium, hallucinations.

Huddling for warmth. Cool cloths. Unanticipated handsiness.

Delirious confessions of love. Confessions of love while the other person is unconscious.

Repressed memories rising to the surface.

The possibilities are endless.

BC running hot banner

A few ground-rules: (note that there are few additions this year)

01. Prompts should have fever as one of their elements (or as an implied part of the prompt, like “appendicitis”). Other than that, be as inventive as you like about the causes and effects of said fever. This is a multi-fandom meme. Prompts involving any characters from any fandom are welcome. Crossover prompts are welcome. RPF/ RPS is also welcome.

02. This post is mirrored on LJ /DW. You may prompt where you like and post where you like. That is, you can take a post from DW and post it to LJ and vice versa--just write FILLED in your subject line when you post a comment with a fill, and, if possible, link to the original prompt. The masterlist will cover both sites.

03. Comment to this post on either LJ or DW with your desired fandom, characters or pairings, and a prompt. All genres/pairings are welcome. You can also state your desired rating, though you don't have to (some people like sex with their fever fic, some people don’t, even for couples--some people don’t care)
Example A: “Hawaii Five-O. Team or Steve/Danny. Steve has a bullet wound that gets infected. Ninja SEAL that he is, he refuses to take it easy, making problems for the team as they try to track down an arms dealer. Any rating.”
Example B: “Supernatural: Sam/Dean. Dean has the chills and there is cuddling. R and higher rating, pls.”

04. You can leave as many prompts as you like, but one prompt per comment, please. If you've got a few, comment with each separately.

05. Your prompts can be as short or as detailed as you’d like.

06. Scroll through the comments and when/if you find a prompt you like, write a fic in reply to the comment.

07. More than one comment-fic response to a prompt is totally acceptable, and in fact encouraged. The more fic, the better!

08. Art submissions are very much accepted too!

09. When replying to a prompt with your comment-fic, put ‘FILLED’ in your subject line and then anything else you want, ie: a title if you have one/part numbers/rating. It’s not a big deal if you forget this step, but it will make it easier for people to find your fic, and for me when I’m compiling the masterlist. Consider including warnings if the fic features non-con or non-canonical character death.

10. I have enabled anonymous posting, but I am screening anonymous comments, and I won't unscreen anything rude or disrespectful of authors, characters or prompts. I also reserve the right to delete named comments that are rude or disrespectful.

11. NO SPOILERS for unaired episodes, please. If you're prompting something from a recently aired episode, please be courteous and note that there may be spoilers before you get to the main part of your request.

12. Likewise, no character bashing, or rudeness in general.

13. Do feed your authors! They’re awesome.

14. If you want to advertise this, that’s fantastic! It would be really appreciated. There are some banners here, but if anyone feels like making more for newer fandoms, that would be awesome.


•Yes, if your fic gets too long for a comment-fic, you can comment with the link to it at lj/dw/AO3.
•Because it bears repeating - yes, art is more than welcome as well as fic.
•As for a timeframe - this post will be open for prompting at least until June 17. There’s no exact timeframe, because I play it by ear and don’t close it until I see it’s starting to slow down. In any case, it will stay open indefinitely for new comment-fics and comments/feedback.

Any other questions? Feel free to PM me.

Lovely banner by [personal profile] norgbelulah. Thanks to [community profile] hoodie_time for letting me borrow its excellent rules.

Here are the master lists for 2011 and 2012 if you want to do some reading to get in the mood!

Here is a handy and sensible guide to fever in adults -- but, hey, it's fic, realism is always optional ;)

NB: There is an AO3 collection for Running Hot. If you want to post a fic your write to the collection, just follow the link and click on "post to collection." If you have a fic on AO3 you wrote last year for the meme, you can edit the "does this belong to a collection" box to have it added to the Running Hot collection.

NB: Don't forget there are prompts at both LJ and DW. The 2013 Masterpost is here on LJ and here on DW

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I think, I'm almost definitely sure, that I'm going to run "Running Hot III" (the fever!fic prompt fest I've done the past two years) later this month.

I'm not sure how many people are still posting/reading on LJ/DW, but, it's been fun the past two times, and even if there's smaller participation, we can still have fun, yeah? This year, though, I will definitely put up posts on both LJ and DW, so people can prompt/post either place. We also, as of last year, have an AO3 collection, so posting is possible there, too.

So: WATCH THIS SPACE around MAY 22-23!! (I want to wait until after Star Trek: Into Darkness comes out, so that there's at least one giant new exciting fan-event to write about).

Here are the masterlists from the past two years, in case you want to refresh your memory as to what it's all about: 2010, 2012.

Also: I was so excited that I completed the [ profile] hc_bingo April challenge, that I signed up for the May challenge: which is to write a story for a tiny/Yuletide-sied fandom for one of the following prompts. Now, you might say the bigger challenge for me would be to write fic for a fandom that wasn't tiny, and you'd be right, but still, I couldn't resist.

pandemics and epidemics suicide attempt
loss of voice disappearing

Y'all know what tiny fandoms I like and what prompt I'm particularly tempted by here--any ideas?
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So, here's what happened: I posted a few Warrior prompts over at the Running Hot II post. Then I got curious, and decided to rewatch the movie. And then, I found myself liking it even more than I had the first time, and writing fic. In answer to one of my own prompts. It happens, right?

Title: On the Plains of Troy
Fandom: Warrior (2011)
Genre: gen, h/c, future!fic
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Warnings: something like suicidal ideation
Disclaimer: These characters belong to their creators and I am making no profit from this work.
a/n: Set in my favorite fanonical version of life after the movie, in which Tommy lives near Brendan and Tess and trains with Frank.
a/n: written for my own prompt (I know, I know) at Running Hot II
a/n: many thanks to [ profile] frackin_sweet for the extremely helpful beta.


Three, four times blessed, my friends-in-arms
Who died on the plains of Troy those years ago,
Serving the sons of Atreus to the end. Would to god
I’d died there too[.]

(Odysseus, The Odyssey 5.338-41, trans. Fagles)

On the Plains of Troy )
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I have been remiss about reminders, but RUNNING HOT II is percolating along. [ profile] deepbluemermaid has been posting some great H50 WIPs, which you can access via THE MASTER LIST and there are prompts galore in a plethora of fandoms at the prompting post, if you're looking for ideas about what to write this afternoon!

In the meantime, have some previews and sneak peaks.

Tom Hardy-at-Cannes goodness has been flooding tumblr this weekend click the tag and see how you feel about the beard.

and the clip from Lawless looks awesome )

And here is a clip of Ben Whishaw and Patrick Stewart in the upcoming BBC Richard II )

And if for some reason you haven't seen the Magic Mike international trailer, I think you owe yourself the pleasure (linking b/c I can't find one to embad.

In other news, I have seen the season finale of Grimm and 1x12 of the sadly cancelled Awake but I haven't seen the H50 finale or House 8x21 yet, but I'm thoroughly spoiled for all, so feel free to share your thoughts. And I'm off to Hunger Games movie now, so that too!
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Happy Mother's Day to everyone, whether you do your mothering a traditional setting, or give your care, comfort and unconditional love in other ways!

We didn't do much of anything this weekend, except that we managed to see Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Pirates! Band of Misfits and still have time for the first outdoor pool swim of the year.

I was negligent about re-advertising it this weekend ( see:family, family, family), but Running Hot II is bubbling along nicely. I put fics on the master list for J2, The Unusuals, Grimm and Pirates!Band of Misfits (the last one is mine--couldn't resist after seeing the movie). I'm not closing it up any time soon, so please come play!

Hope you all had a good spring weekend!
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You know what I missed after not watching House for several years? Hugh Laurie's face, that's what.

It's not just that he does such glorious reaction shots, it's that his reactions make you believe he's really watching and listening--and seeing and hearing more than the average bear. And when House is reacting to Wilson? Well, it doesn't get any better than that. I mean, all Holmeses love their Watsons, but the way House loves Wilson is something else.

Ahem. Feel free to discuss 8x19 and 8x20, just know that I know nothing about what happened before these episodes.

Also: Running Hot II is simmering along nicely. Click the link for prompts for things like:

Downton Abbey
Warrior (2011)
Pirates! Band of Misfits
Phineas and Ferb
And many more!

The master list of this year's fills is here and the AO3 collection for both years is here
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In which I catch up with the rest of the world

By seeing Avengers and reading The Hunger Games (okay, listening to it, on audiobook).

y'all already knew that I wasn't a comic book gal, right? )

and there's a reason I don't read much YA fiction )

I know, I know, I'm a grump.

In more important news, there is a masterlist now for Running Hot II, with fics from H50, White Collar, Sherlock and SPN. There are many more fabulous prompts from many fandoms including Avangers awaiting fills at the post. We also have AO3 collections for this year and last year. If you wrote something last year and posted it to the Archive you can edit it to include it in last year’s collection (and please do!!)
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Running Hot II is off to a prompt-tacular start (click banner to go the lj site).

There are prompts up for H50, SPN, Sherlock, White Collar, Grimm, MI4, The Unusuals, ReGenesis, The Avengers, Burn Notice, Merlin, Firefly, and probably some other excellent fandoms I'm forgetting. Come by and play--leave a prompt, fill one, or just enjoy!

In other h/c news: I know I've been sporadic in my journal reading for the past few months weeks, but why did no one tell me that the most fic-like on-screen h/c I may have ever seen was going on on House this week? I watched last night, and even though I haven't followed the show for years, I am clearly going to have to watch the last few episodes of the series, even though I'm sure they're going to rip my heart out.

And a question: if I were to take myself to a movie tomorrow, which of these is the most likely to help me forget my troubles/give me have a good cry: The Avengers; The Hunger Games; 21 Jump Street; other.

See you at the meme!
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That's right--we're finally ready to do it again!

It's been almost a year since the first one, but y'all remember how to play, right? It's a multi-fandom fever!fic comment meme.

Starts tomorrow, 5/4/12, to run as long as people are still filling prompts. Hosted by [ profile] ariadnes_string.

Get those prompt wheels turning in your head and spread the word!

(beautiful banner by [ profile] norgbelulah
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Posting before I lose courage. This was way too hard to write for such fluff, y’all, for reasons that are unclear to me. Maybe it’s the telepathy, but Charles is so much more difficult for me to write than Erik. Though I do love a character who can make endless literary allusions. I didn’t mean it to be quite the h/c porn that it is. It’s not porn—there’s hardly even any touching—but, well, porn just the same.

Title: Every Man His Lion
Fandom: XMFC
Rating: PG, gen, even if it is quite slashy gen.
Characters: Charles, Erik.
Genre: shameless h/c.
Warnings/Spoilers: n/a, though it is a missing scene for the movie, I guess—slotting in after the “there’s more to you than that” scene.
Word Count: ~2.6K
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit.

a/n: For this prompt over at Running Hot, and for the “trust issues” square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card. And kind of because [ profile] norgbelulah wondered where the all comfort was in the other XMFC fic I wrote.

Summary: Erik is ill. Charles tries to help him sleep.

Read more... )
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Just a PSA to let you know that Running Hot is still simmering along in a low-grade but awesome kind of way. If you haven't looked at the Master List lately, check it out! There are new wonderful fills for Merlin, NCIS, Firefly, Dr. Who and lots and lots of White Collar.

There are also lots of new prompts--for things like Chuck, Criminal Minds, and yes, X-Men First Class. Prompting is still open, too. Click the banner to get to the meme itself.

nb: I'll be out of town for the rest of the week, so may be a little slow about updating the master list. But I will catch up when I get back.

Happy reading and writing!
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Title: Thy firmness makes my circle just.
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Peter/Neal
Spoilers: None. Takes place sometime before the events of the end of S2.
Warnings: involuntary arousal of the sex-pollen variety; captivity; semi-public sex; fever!sex.
Word Count: ~4K
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit, no offense meant.

a/n: This is for a prompt from [ profile] rabidchild67 at Running Hot: Would love Neal or Peter infected with some sort of plot-cakey sex pollen, and he spikes a dangerous fever that can only be relieved by, um, you know... . I don’t know if this scenario counts as the sex-pollen trope, but there’s involuntary arousal, fever and, um, relief. So. If something can be shameless h/c and shameless porn at the same time, this is probably it.
a/n: I think there are consent issues here of the “giving consent while not in possession of one’s full faculties” variety—so please don’t read it that’s a trigger or something that bugs you.
a/n: title from John Donne’s “Valediction Forbidding Mourning.”

Summary: If he’d seen Peter look this vulnerable more than once before, he couldn’t remember it. It was worrying, and it tilted the natural order of the universe on its axis. But more than that, it brought emotions to the surface that Neal usually liked to keep buried deep, a fierce tenderness the most respectable among them.

Read more... )
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Just a long weekend meme PSA. Prompting and prompt filling are still very much open at Running Hot. I think four fills came in yesterday.

Take another looks at the Masterlist, too! fills have come in this week for Dr. Who, The Professionals, Magnificent Seven, SGA and Human Target, as well as more for Sherlock, White Collar, H50 and SPN.

And there are prompts up for more fandoms than I can remember, including Chuck, Merlin, Camelot, Leverage, Prison Break and Castle.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks!

(gorgeous banners, as always, by [personal profile] norgbelulah
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I have no idea why this ended up so long—it really is just a comment fic at heart.

Title: Reciprocity
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Rating: PG (gen)
Genre: h/c
Word count: ~4.5K
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit.
a/n: written for this prompt at Running Hot: Feverish Lestrade on a case, attempting to tough it out and refusing to admit he's ill, and Sherlock being the one to notice and forcibly escort him home..
a/n: Although this is, in its weird way, Sherlock/Lestrade, it has nothing to do with any of the other flavors of Sherlock/Lestrade I have going.

Summary: Lestrade is ill. John is bossy. And Sherlock is not quite as heartless as he means to be.

Read more... )
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That's a quote from the hysterical text battle John and Sherlock have in [ profile] travels_in_time's wonderful fill for the prompt A wet day in December. Sherlock and John curled up in 221b with horrible colds, trying to decide who has to go and get medicine.

But it's also kind of the way I feel after spending a lot of the weekend reading so much fabulous fever!fic on Running Hot. Thanks everyone for the amazing prompts and fills!

I was kind of worried that no one would come prompt--or that all the prompts would be SPN and H50, but, whoa, way to put the multi in multifandom, folks! There are prompts now for (in no particular order):

H50, SPN, Sherlock, Justified, Generation Kill
Castle, The L Word, The Office, The Eagle, White Collar
Star Trek, Firefly, Dr. Who, The Pacific, SGA, SGU
Haven, Sanctuary, Camelot, Southland, Merlin
The Three Musketeers, Hot Fuzz, The Social Network
J2, Hornblower, The Professionals and Prison Break

and probably a few more I've missed!

And then I was worried no one would write anything. But: sixteen fills and counting: SPN (4); H50 (3); White Collar (3); Generation Kill (2); Justified (1); The L Word (1); Star Trek XI (1); Sherlock (1).
Links to all the fills are here for now, but I will try to put up a tidier master post in the next day or so.

Come prompt/write/read if you haven't yet!!
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I'm going to put up a real prompting post tomorrow, but just giving you a heads up, because a) I am so excited! and b) just to start the prompting and fic-writing wheels turning in your heads.

Starts tomorrow, 5/20/11, to run as long as people are still filling prompts. Hosted by [ profile] ariadnes_string.

Beautiful banner by [ profile] norgbelulah -- and she's made a whole bunch more that you can find here . Take one and spread the word!

See y'all tomorrow!


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