Jul. 6th, 2015 10:36 am
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Remix going live coincided with our week long,fun but strenuous road trip/family visit, so I was entirely remiss about posting about the lovely fic I got, or reading anything else in the archive. Now everything has been revealed, but better late than never, I hope!

This was my gift:

Nestling (The Fledglings Remix) (3342 words) by opalmatrix
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval
Characters: Marcus Flavius Aquila, Esca Mac Cunoval, Sassticca (Eagle of the Ninth), Stephanos (Eagle of the Ninth), Original Characters
Additional Tags: Illnesses, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Slash

The winter after the journey was hard on both of them.

This is Esca's POV on the events of the story, and I loved the way it fleshed out his experience, especially the crucial parts of the story that go on inside Esca's head, and that Marcus can only guess at. I haven't thought about the Eagle, or my Eagle fic for a long time, and this remix made me remember how much I love the characters and setting. So a big thank you to [ profile] opalmatrix!

I wrote two remixes myself:

Though Seas Between Us Broad Have Roared (the 20x20 remix) (1632 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Grant & Lesley May, Beverley Brook/Peter Grant
Characters: Peter Grant, Lesley May, Beverley Brook, Thomas Nightingale
Additional Tags: Remix, Retrospective

After the events of Foxglove Summer, Peter remembers some of the good times with Lesley.

This was my assignment. I think [ profile] templemarker and I matched on H50, but I actually remixed one of their H50 stories for a previous remix, so I went looking for something else, and was delighted to find RoL fic. Since I'm still processing the events of Foxglove Summer, I recast this lovely older Yuletide story in the light of the current story lines. It made it a bit (well, a lot) sadder, but I was glad of the chance to reflect on Peter and Lesley's relationship, which I haven't really done before.

Five Times Rust Cohle Stayed Alive (the lend your lungs to me remix) (1226 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: True Detective
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rustin "Rust" Cohle/Martin "Marty" Hart
Characters: Rustin "Rust" Cohle, Martin "Marty" Hart, Travis Cohle
Additional Tags: Remix, Suicidal Thoughts

The thing about the ocean is, it rises up to the meet the sky as if it doesn’t know there should be a line between them. Rust loves it, and he fears it, because it makes him forget about other lines as well.

This was a pinch hit. The original is a gorgeous story about Rust in Alaska, from Yuletide 2014, which I hadn't read before. As always when I write TD fic, I had to go back to canon to figure things out (I may never have watched any other show as many times), but, as always, canon produced new riches, and that, combined with the wonderful details of the fic, made this fun to write (though I wish I'd had a bit more time!). The script and performances in the middle episodes of TD S1 are just amazingly layered, I've found.

And that was remix, which I always enjoy! As per usual these days, the huge bulk of fic was MCU, which I don't read, but I will try to go back and find some stuff from other fandoms.


May. 19th, 2014 09:55 am
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Still away, but wanted to post the remixes I did this year.

Turn Me Off, Turn Me Over, Turn Me Upside Down (the Right Above It Remix) (1941 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: First Time, Sleepy Sex

Sherlock had the most absurd desire to come to John clean.

This was my main assignment, and I struggled with it a bit, but I think mostly because the only time I write John/Sherlock these days is for remix. I loved the original story, especially the porny parts, and so I didn't want to try and redo those at all. The fic turned out better than I feared, though. Totally identifiable as mine because of the dissociation, I thought--it seems to be the only way I can write Sherlock in this pairing.

Everybody Needs a Friend Sometimes (the Have a Banana remix) (2233 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Martin Crieff, Douglas Richardson, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, Arthur Shappey
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort

Everyone at MJN helps out when Martin takes ill.

This was a pinch-hit and I jumped on the chance to remix some Cabin Pressure fic. Lothiriel84's lovely Pneumonia!Martin ficlet was absolute, shameless,id catnip to me, needless to say, and this was a blast to write. Those of you who know me will not be surprised to hear that writing Douglas POV was the best part.

Trip has gone better than I expected, but still looking forward to being home late tonight.


May. 12th, 2014 11:59 am
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The Remix Redux 11: The Eleventh Hour archive went live last night! You can find the main collection here, and the Remix Madness collection here. I love this challenge for its mix of fandoms--you never know what people will pull up to work on.

I was excited to get two of my stories remixed, one as part of the main challenge, one as part of the madness:

Cracks in a Heart of Stone (the Alex Remix) (1675 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Alex Hunter, Peter Burke, Mozzie (White Collar)
Additional Tags: Action/Adventure, Human Trafficking

Alex believes in surviving and taking care of herself, but sometimes she just can't avoid being drawn in.

This is a remix of a sick!Neal story I wrote in 2011, and it gives Alex's POV on the proceedings. I'm thrilled, because I love Alex, and I stuck her in the story with the vague sense that she fit the role she had to play best, but without fleshing out her motivation or actions. This fic does all of that, while giving an excellent, tough, slightly jaded, but still engaged Alex voice.

Flipped Switch (3114 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan
Characters: Mary Morstan, Sherlock Holmes
Additional Tags: Fuck Or Die, Imprisonment, Dubious Consent, Drugged Sex, Gun play

This is a remix of a Sherlock/Mary fuck-or-die fic I wrote just a few months ago, and I'm tickled to death someone remixed it, with its odd pairing and off-putting scenario. I wrote the fic for a 24-hour turnaround challenge, and in consequence it lacks a lot of detail. The remix fixes all that, plus provides Mary's POV on things. The characterization of Mary, as a badass, brilliant operative, is fantastic, and the dub-con is very hot (if you like that kind of thing, which I do).

So, yeah, go read them!

I also wrote two fics for the challenge, one my assignment and one a pinch-hit. Both are, I think, immediately obvious as mine if you're thinking about it. If anyone is reading in the collection and has a (correct) guess about them, I will write you something fannish of your choosing after the reveals (fic, meta, recs, playlist, etc.). Hint: both are in fandoms I've written in before.
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Here's the other remix. You've probably seen it already if you follow AO3, but I've decided to archive them here too. This is the pinch hit, and I was in such a state when I wrote it I can barely remember doing it. Any hotness that remains derives entirely from the original fic.

Title: Red Line Overload (the Lytton Strachey remix)
Fandom: H50
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: a hard R
Word count: ~1,400
Warnings/Spoilers: n/a
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit

a/n: this is a remix of [ profile] templemarker's excellent fic, Red Line Overload.
a/n: parenthetical title taken from the man in Steve's anecdote.

All those years in Jersey, Danny was a good cop because he knew when to walk towards danger and when to walk away.

Then he moved to Hawaii and that knowledge went to shit.

Red Line Overload (the Lytton Strachey remix) )
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Remix Redux went live this afternoon and I got the most delightful remix of my Downey films story, A Beautiful Pea-Green Boat.

It's called Two Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the fog), and, as in the original, Holmes and Watson spend some time stranded in a lifeboat. The remixer has added all kinds of hilarious and spot-on details as to how they got there, wrapped it up in a fantastically acerbic Watson voice and made it all far more in character than than my version was. Go read it--it will completely brighten your day!

And while I'm getting you to read things, let me send you to the Five Acts stories people wrote for me

[ profile] greenhoodloxley wrote The Lash of his Tongue (Esca/Marcus NC-17) -- a fabulous, movie-canon, verbal humiliation fic.

and [ profile] hiddencait wrote a Walsh/Beaumont (the Unusuals, NC-17) fic featuring steaming hot impact play fic (it's up on AO3 here)

The meme was a complete bust for me due to the ongoing domestic crisis--I didn't write a thing. But maybe I can go back later and write something for these guys.

Speaking of writing: I wrote two fics for remix. One I wrote weeks ahead of the deadline, had double-beta'd and carefully edited. One was a pinch hit I wrote in an almost literal fugue state of sleep deprivation and anxiety due to the ongoing domestic crisis, didn't have beta'd at all, and posted at the last possible minute. Guess which one has more than twice the hits than the other atm? I despair of myself as a fic writer sometimes.

I keep meaning to do an actual TV write up, but tonight is not the night. I'll just tell you that son #2 and I have been consoling ourselves with the DVD of MI4, which does not pale upon re-watching, especially certain scenes involving tall buildings. I've come to see that Tom Cruise's surprisingly perfect comic timing is the true star of the movie.
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Some lovely and generous soul wrote Coming Awake for Remix Madness! It's a remix of my 4.22 coda, Coming Untied. It switches things to Dean's POV, and does a wonderful job of bringing out aspects of his emotional situation I hadn't really even thought about. Thank you, anon!!

So, I have, but haven't watched yet, the latest episodes of H50, SPN and Game of Thrones (though I have watched the promos for H50 1.23, because omfg!)

I'm quite spoiler-philic, though, so don't worry about talking about them in comments.

I have, however, watched the fifth episode of Camelot. Why? idek--maybe I just needed to watch something with zero emotional investment...

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1. The [community profile] remix_redux archive went live yesterday!

Somebody remixed my H50 knife & bloodplay fic Take it from the Inside -- which is about the last thing I ever expected someone to remix. It's fascinating, though--they've taken the same set up and made a very different--and much funnier--fic (seriously--there's a hilarious scene at a blood drive). Thank you, anon! Check it out: Between the Darkness and the Dawn.

I have barely scratched the surface of the archive, but it looks amazing!

I saw this on some else's journal, and thought it was a neat idea. I think the remix I wrote is totally obvious--if only because it has lots of the stuff I always put in fics in it. If, for some reason, you come across one you think is mine in your trek through 268 fics in 132 fandoms, and you're right, I will very happily write you a ficlet in the fandom of your choice!

2. Check out [ profile] alba17's Multifandom Royal Wedding Fic and Art Fest!


There are some awesome H50 and Sherlock prompts over there. Last night, I dashed off the tiniest, fluffiest bit of fic for the prompt William and Kate visit Hawaii, the team is tasked with their protection detail.

3. A FB friend linked this wacko list of 111 male characters of British Literature in order of bangability. I'll give you the top three: 3) Mr. Darcy; 2) Strider/Aragorn; 1) Mr. Rochester.

It's a little confusing. I can see Aragorn, sure, but why a blind guy with a burnt-out house and a history of driving his past wives to self-immolation is more bangable than a guy with a gorgeous (fully-functional) house in the country and a track record of bailing your relatives out of trouble is beyond me....

4. I have all kinds of things waiting to be watched on my computer, but the only thing I made it through this weekend was the first two episodes of Dr. Who 6. Now, I haven't watched a doctor since Tom Baker was wearing the scarf, so I had no real idea what was going on. But the whole thing was fun and adorable (+ Crowley!).

5. It wigs me to mention politics on LJ/DW, but I have to say hearing about Osama Bin Laden was more--something--than I expected. My older son was born about three weeks before 9/11, and neither of my children have ever lived in a world in which the US was not engaged in foreign war. I have no expectation that this event will put an end to that, but it reminded me of how very much I hope they will sometime live in a time of peace.
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Title: Forever Ain’t that Long (the Jordan remix)
Rating: R
Pairings: Dean/Dean, Dean/OFC.
Setting: End ‘verse AU.
Word Count: ~4K
Warnings: Along with the same person sex? Depression, permanent injury and vague suicidal ideation.
Beta: [ profile] calamitycrow--thanks as always, bb!

a/n: This is a remix of [ profile] wave_obscura’s Forever Ain’t That Long, done for the [ profile] hoodie_time remix challenge. I hope you don’t mind the liberties I’ve taken with your awesome, fic, bb!

a/n: This feels like part of a fanfic version of “telephone.” “Forever” was originally written for a prompt on [ profile] roque_clasique’s amazing birthday comment fic meme, which started almost exactly a year ago today (1/8/09). The prompt was: End ‘verse. 2009!Dean is busted-up hardcore and he only trusts 2014!Dean to help him get around and do everyday things.. [ profile] wave_obscura says that “Forever” was “very much inspired by [ profile] roque_clasique’s painfully awesome fic Asterisms with the same basic set up-- 2009!Dean never goes back to the past and they're still hunting down Lucifer.”

My fic uses that set up as well—and is very much in the shadow of its two amazing predecessors (plus, it uses some of the dialogue from “Forever”). I really don’t know what to think of this one, and I’m pretty anxious about posting it. Please, please read the rating, pairings and warnings before you begin!

Summary: Dean knew that look. He’d made it himself often enough, from the inside out. And, shit, if he’d ever thought he was on the down-low with that look, he was even stupider than he’d realized.

Read more... )
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Title: Civilization and its Discontents (the Shut My Mouth remix)
Word Count: ~2.4K
Pairings/Rating: R; House/Wilson established relationship.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.
Summary: Tonight, Wilson couldn’t stand any more talk. He needed to push pass the wall of words to the truth of flesh and bone.

a/n: This is a remix of [ profile] dee_laundry’s In Which Wilson is, by Some Definitions, a Troglodyte. Originally posted here.
a/n: Set early in S6.
a/n: Title from the book by Sigmund Freud.
a/n: Many thanks to [ profile] anniehow, [ profile] calamitycrow, and [ profile] debbiel66 for the House-calls and slash-beta'ing.
a/n: Through the vagaries of timing, this is both my first remix and my first House!fic, since I wrote it before Safety Lights. I’m afraid it kind of shows, on both counts….so, um, apologies in advance...

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May. 23rd, 2010 07:38 pm
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There are two big, wonderful batches of anonymous fic out there right now:

The ginormous Remix/Redux 8 archive went live this afternoon (and yes, I do mean ginormous: 283 stories in 118 fandoms).

I've never done anything like this before, and it was fun and challenging in about equal measure. I was totally tickled to see that some lovely writer had remixed my SPN 5.13 tag so let it out and let it in. It's here: so let it out and let it in (the 3x Mega Mix). It expands on the original is really wonderful ways, and, imo, does a great service to the world, which is in dire need of more singing!Dean fic.

Also, the Holmes/Watson fic and art exchange is ongoing for the next few weeks. I have already received my present, this awesome fic featuring Holmes and Watson fighting each other for practice, then icing each others' injuries afterward. Gah.

I haven't had a chance to do much other reading in either archive yet (though I beta'd some great fics for Remix)--but will keep you posted!

(I have fics in both batches, of course. But unless you're one of the generous and long-suffering souls who helped with them, I don't think you can tell which they are. Though, actually, the Holmes/Watson fic seems very me-like, to me; the Remix one, well, not so much. I'd say I'd offer a prize to anyone who could guess which ones are mine, but what could I give, except fic--which I seemed to have produced a glut of lately--or beta'ing, which y'all know I am very willing to do regardless? But if you can guess, and there's anything you want--I'm all yours :D)


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