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thank you so much for writing a story for me! Any fic in these fandoms would make me happy, so please just write what seems fun and interesting to you. I saw this phrase in someone’s dear author letter once, and it perfectly expresses my feelings: If you come to a place where you think you can either write a good story or make me happy, write a good story.

If it’s helpful, here are some things about my general preferences:

I like slash, gen and het equally (I tend to read less F/F, but when it's right for the characters I enjoy it)—I’ll be as happy with a G story as I will with one that’s NC-17—same goes for anything in between.

H/c is bulletproof for me, especially of the minor-injury/sick!fic/comfort!fic variety. Give character A the flu and have character B look after him/her and I’ll be yours for life.

If you do feel like writing porn, I’m quite partial to kink, if you can make it plausible for the characters. Any kind of sensation play/ pain play is great, including blood, guns and knives,as long as it’s RACK. I have a soft spot for AMTDI and fuck-or-die fic.

If it's something you're interested in, I like fic that explores altered mental states, dissociation and the effects of PTSD.

I love crossovers, so if for some reason we’ve matched on more than one fandom, feel free to mix and match. I don’t much care for AUs, unless it’s in the service of a crossover.

Other things: being in dubious battle; unexpected moments of empathy; compassion; connection; courage; honor; competency--but also moments of uncertainty and failure.

Things that don't float my boat: mpreg; watersports; a/b/o fic; character deaths that aren’t part of canon; infidelity; kid!fic; and fluffy animal!fic.

Tricks: ghosts, curses, gaslighting, mind-fucks (is it real or not? not being able to trust one's senses), haunted objects, possession; religious rituals gone wrong.

Treats: h/c that emphasizes the comfort, domestic fic, happy surprises, fun dates, friendship.

Optional prompts in alphabetical order

The Broken Earth

Anything's good in this brand-new fandom, but I would love some polyamorous Meov fic for a treat: PWP, slice-of-life, pirate adventures (don't feel you need to get all three characters in). Of course the books are filled with nightmarish tricks, so that's good too. Perhaps something from Alabaster's pre-series life?

Divine Cities

Treats: any interaction b/w Sigrud & Mulaghesh while they're recovering after the events of the first book. Late night conversations, helping each other heal, or trouble they got into because they were so bored.

Tricks: I love all the potential for tricks in these books: spooky objects, possession, divine intervention.


All spooky space tropes would be good here: haunted ships, possessed computers, cursed objects, mechanical aids gone amok. There are some specific ghosts I'd enjoy seeing: Dutch's husband; Johnny and D'Avin's mother. All the "sensory link" machines could lead to some disturbing possibilities. Alvis's religious practices are pretty spooky to begin with--exploring that further would be cool.

And so many treats! I adore Dutch and Johnny's friendship (though I DON'T ship them)--any fun, intimate moments between them would be great. Good times at the Royale. Space holiday with fun complications. Comfort!fic or cuddly sick!fic.

Like I said, I don't ship Dutch and Johnny, but I'm happy to see Johnny with Alvis, Pree, or Pawter. I'm good w/ Dutch/Alvis and Dutch/D'Avin.

Rivers of London

For tricks, I would actually enjoy some dark fic here: betrayal (or seeming betrayal), body horror, extreme disorientation. But I also like all the exploration of the supernatural, British and diasporic, in the books, and any creature you want to write about would be great.

Treats: London nightlife; London festivals; domestic life around the folly; the Rivers at home. Nightingale h/c really floats my boat.

I don't particularly ship Peter & Nightingale, but I'm happy to read fic about the pairing. I love Peter and any of the Rivers.


his is the one fandom where I only want tricks: Rachel and Quinn in opposition, or allied to stop a threat. A live costume party on the show goes wrong somehow, perhaps an uninvited guest; The girls are turning into (actual) zombies or vampires; a magical object that grants wishes turns out to be not all it's cracked up to be--something like that. All the usual horror tropes could be really fun in this context. Feel free to be as dark as the show itself, but lighter is fine too.

Thank you and have fun!
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